Professional Realtor blogs are a great way to market yourself as practiced by my favorite Madison realtor. They provide an extremely cost-efficient and personal way for you the Real Estate Agent to connect to potential clients and differentiate yourself from other Realtors. To be effective your real estate website should contain information that people are searching for and need when making purchasing decisions. Once they get to your site your goal should be to build a positive relationship with your clients. To do this your professional realtor blog needs to be active. You should post information that updates over time, causing them to return over and over. In doing this when next they are ready to take the next step, purchase a house, they will turn to you as an agent they already know and trust.

A Professional Realtor blog is a marketing tool like postcards, ads or word of mouth. A website is a tool to market your services, generate leads and convert them into customers. Dollar for dollar websites is a great place to spend your marketing budget. Each postcard costs $0.44 just for the stamp, sending 1000 postcards costs around $500. For every 1000 postcards, you will usually generate on average five leads. Contrast that with a blog that given proper promotion can provide you with greater exposure, more leads and in addition create lasting relationships to help you convert them to customers. All for the same price.

Potential, past and future clients visit and return to your site for the content you provide. As a realtor, you can provide many interesting types of content either from sources such as MLS or from personal experience and knowledge. Most people will visit your site for up to date listing information and return to view updated information or newer listings. It’s important to make the listings easy to share since your visitors will be sending them around gathering their friends, family and spouses opinion. A link is much easier to share then making people enter write down and enter the MLS number. The second source of content for your professional real estate blog is local information about the area. When showing homes people ask you all sorts of questions about the neighborhood, write these down, then write a blog post about each question. If one person asked you the question chances are more people have the same question and probably searching for it on google. If you create a post about it they will find your website.

Your professional real estate website is a showcase for your services, invest time in building up your site. Make sure it looks like a site you would trust using. Keep the information on it current and targeted to your audience and when they are looking to rent or purchase their next house they will choose you.